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Synergy Solutions manufactures a comprehensive line of car wash chemicals, specializing in polymer-based and non-corrosive products to achieve superior results using less products. While commonly corrosive traditional detergents clean by attacking dirt, which can damage the vehicle surface, Synergy Solutions' non-caustic based detergents lift dirt away from the surface using a molecular chain to attract dirt up to the polymer and then encapsulate it, so dirt is not redeposited. The result, easy rinsing to leave a clean and shiny surface.


Glisten with Carnauba- A premium sealer wax with carnauba, which delivers a mirror-like shine.

Ultra Sudz - Premium highest quality foam lubricating detergent. Designed for all cloth washes. Produces a thick and rich lather that provides excellent cleaning and rinse ability. Highly concentrated lubricity soap that reduces damage claims, such as mirrors, antennas, and license plates.

Viper HC- Highly concentrated heavy duty high pH liquid car wash pre soak. This work horse is effective in every application. Amazing cleaning ability doesn't charge the car's surface and increases rinse ability and shine.

Magma Polish- Rich foaming and concentrated polish that offers high shine and enhanced protection as a flash wax. 

Chassis Protectant - Concentrated liquid rust and corrosion preventative applied to underbody.

AquaGuard - A true online car wash protectant formulated for total vehicle protection while you ride. Designed to repel water and deliver the highest glossy shine possible. Offering our customers a premium service that provides long-lasting value.

Aqua Dry - A premium drying agent creates instantaneous water break so that optimum blower efficiency and a drier car can be achieved. 

CeramiGuard- Advanced polymer solution adds a layer of protection by chemically bonding to your car's paint, resulting in a durable, shiny, surface that is resistant to stains, oxidation, dirt and grime.

Icee Blue Tire Shine- A premium water-based silicone suspension dressing, formulated to perform like a solvent-based dressing. Icee Blue's high gloss durability combined with its superior water-repellant properties makes it the ideal tire shine.


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